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Moderator Guidelines

Guidelines for session Chairperson/facilitator/Moderator


  • Try to meet briefly with all presenters before the session begins.
  • All presentations have to be uploaded before the session starts (this will be communicated to speakers)
  • Introductions must be very brief as they use up precious time for the presentation.
  • Check if presenters know how to use audio-visual or other equipment. An AV person will be on standby
  • Familiarise yourself beforehand with the content of the papers or abstracts to be presented during the session.
  • Note the times allocated for each speaker, and ensure that they know that no time overruns can be allowed.
  • Signal the remaining time at 10, 5 and 2 minutes, and firmly end the presentation when time has elapsed.  It is disrespectful to other speakers and the organisation to allow more time than has been allocated. Only allow brief questions or comments if there is time, and prevent long-winded discussions from developing and taking up time.
  • If there are no questions and there is time, you may ask a question to start the process.
  • Protect the speaker in the unlikely event of personal attacks.  Robust but respectful debate is permissible.


  • Encourage the online attendees to use the app to post their questions (the in-person attendees may also use the App)
  • The link for the App will be emailed to everyone.  The link is here:
  • Please download the app and click on “Join Event” You will be required to enter an access code:   Please use the code “2023” and enter the event. 
  • Then Navigate to the Agenda, and then the session. The questions will appear on the App on the right-hand side in real time.  You can view the questions during the Q and A time
  • Online presenters who are able to do live presentations will be shown on screen to be introduced 
  • Online presenter who cannot present live might appear on screen after their recording is played to take questions from the audience.