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Speaker guidelines

Conference guidelines for preparation for Speaker Presentation (IN-PERSON)

Oral Presentation

  • Please save your PowerPoint with your name followed by the abbreviated topic.
  • If there is an emergency and you need to replace your PowerPoint, please bring it on an external drive, well before the start of the session to the technical team.  Save the file with the same name with REVISED and date. 
  • The size of your PowerPoint should be widescreen or 16:9
  • The first slide of your PowerPoint should be stating your subject title and name.  Please alert the technical team if you have videos in your slides and make sure they are linked correctly.
  • Please make sure that you receive a notification of receipt of your Powerpoint
  • Please arrive in time for your session and introduce yourself to the session chair so that they are aware that you have arrived and where you are seated. Additionally, visit the AV desk to ensure your PowerPoint is correct and ready before your presentation

Poster Presentation

Requirements for your poster presentation (In-person):

Printing Specifications:

  • Posters need to be printed ahead of time by the presenter
  • The poster should not be laminated, but be printed on a thick paper, not less than 160gsm
  • Should be A1 (594x841mm) size
  • Portrait orientation


  • Visibility: Readable from a distance of 2 meters away (suggested minimum body text font size is 24 pt)
  • Posters should convey an overview of a research project, programme, technique, or achievement such that a viewer can read and understand the material in about two minutes.
  • Posters need to include the author’s name, affiliation, and email address


  • All posters must be handed in at the designated table at registration between 07h00 – 09h00 CAT on 26 September 2023. Arrange with the conference organiser to hand over the poster a day before the conference.

Conference guidelines for preparation for Speaker Presentation (ONLINE)

Oral Presentation (online)

  • Ensure the slide size for the presentation is set to width (16:9)
  • Make sure text and images are large enough and clear enough to read from the back of a room. The consensus on minimum body text font size is 24 pt (google it!).
  • Only use dark fonts on light backgrounds or vice versa, refrain from using gray or lighter fonts on light backgrounds.
  • Avoid too much text on slides. Use short snappy bullet points to summarize your key messages. A maximum of 40 words per slide should be used. LESS IS MORE!
  • You will have limited time, so make sure that you focus on the most important points. Try to avoid placing too much emphasis on a very general introduction and then running out of time to present the important results and conclusions. 
  • Illustrate messages with clear, relevant images or diagrams. Avoid low-resolution images.
  • Make sure your text is in a contrasting color to the slide background (light text on dark background or dark text on a light background). 
  • Rehearse your talk and time yourself so you are comfortable and you are sure you can keep to the allocated time. For students: please practice with other fellow students. 
  • A helpful rule of thumb is 1 slide per minute

Guidelines to pre-record your presentation:

  • Please put your camera on for the duration of the recording to improve connection with the audience.  There must be good light on your face and also try and frame yourself in the middle of the camera view, with the camera eye height. (don’t look down into the camera) 
  • Ensure that your internet connection is stable. (If you make use of an online recording   system)
  • To make the talks look consistent, the speakers need to have a plain, light-colored   background. No distractions.
  • Please ensure that the sound on your recording is of excellent quality.  Please project your voice and make sure there is not background noise.  Use a headset if possible.
  • Closer to the event you will be sent a calendar invite with the meeting link to be used for the online Q and A
  • Please log into meeting no less than 30 minutes before your session is due to start.  A person from Vetlink will be on standby for the duration of the event in this online meeting to guide you through and assist you if needed.

Poster presentation (online)

Submit by 01 September 2023

Posters in A4 can be created in Powerpoint by selecting:

  • Design
  • Slide size
  • Custom slide size
  • Slide sized for A4 – landscape
  • When complete save as – PDF
  • Pre-record your presentation and Upload a poster with the recording

There are many resources online that can give you further advice on poster preparation. Here’s an example:


Abstract revision: As soon as possible

Registration and speaker agreement: 01 September 2023 (Extended)

Please submit your PowerPoint for CPD accreditation and use at the event by sending it through  or email the organiser (subject line AACAA Powerpoint and your surname): 01 September 2023