Introduction to the Conference

World food production systems, particularly in Africa, have recently faced unprecedented challenges from climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. For food of animal origin in particular, these recent challenges are in addition to already existing challenges of animal diseases and parasites, human-wildlife conflicts, cross-border diseases, long droughts, lack of markets, under-funded research, and lack of viable extension services leading to deficiency in management skills in animal farming. All these negative impacts on sustainable livestock production have weakened Africa’s food production capacity. One other emerging challenge that African animal agriculture has to contend with is the de-campaigning of meat production by environmentalists. Even the message to consumers to lessen the consumption of red meat, especially from ruminants, has reached unprecedented proportions based on purported greenhouse gases from ruminants. These challenges need consistent research and science-based evidence from both African and international scientists to provide solutions to our farmers. The lack of inter-African trade in animal products, goods, and services has also undermined food security in the continent. Localised cattle rustling in some regions of Africa is a long-standing problem that skipped the eye of researchers and scientists. However, it has the potential to fuel civil strife among communities, diplomatic rows among countries, and spread diseases. Can animal scientists propose innovative sustainable solutions to this and many more challenges facing African animal agriculture? Therefore, this 8th All Africa Conference in Animal Agriculture endeavour to assemble esteemed scientists from the continent and from abroad to share and discuss research results and other relevant information with a view to recommending possible strategies to turn the challenges of African agriculture into opportunities.

Sub Themes:

  1. Transforming African animal agriculture
  2. Animal health and food safety
  3. Ecological goods and services in African animal agriculture
  4. African animal agriculture in a rapidly changing technological environment

A Topical Collection will be published after the AACAA8 conference in the journal Tropical Animal Health and Production. Both oral and poster presenters at the conference will have a chance to be invited to submit their papers to the journal. All full paper submissions in this topical collection will be peer-reviewed and evaluated by the journal’s editors before acceptance.

Our Sponsors & Partners

Republic of Botswana Minister Of Agriculture:

Honourable Fidelis Mmilili Macdonald Molao

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities – Majoring in English Grammar and Literature in English and History of International Relations. He also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Education – Majoring in Educational Psychology and Teaching Methods which he completed in 2000 and 2001 respectively both from the University of Botswana. Mr. Molao also completed various short courses in Security Sector Governance, Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations, Civil and Military Relations, and Parliamentary oversight at various institutions. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree program in Research and Public Policy with the University of Botswana.

Prof. Edward Rege (Ed) is the founder and CEO of Emerge Centre for Innovations – Africa (ECI-Africa). He is an animal scientist with a strong background in agriculture and rural development. He holds a PhD in Genetics, M.S. in Animal Science, and a BSc in Agriculture.